CNA Salary


With the health and medical industry flourishing in the midst of an aging population fueled by the maturing of the baby boomer generation, jobs that touch on any aspect of the medical field are abundant. Many of them do not involve attending four years at a university in order to receive a an associate’s degree or other certification, but only need several months to two years of enrollment at a community college or vocational school.

As one of the many rewarding and challenging occupations in the burgeoning field of medical health care, a certified nursing assistant position is considered very flexible in regards to salary and the ability to lead to advancement in the medical profession. As a CNA gains experience and seniority in his or her profession, their salary will increase, also, along with their demand by hospitals and nursing facilities. There are several reasons influencing the rate of a Cna salary, such as place of employment and geographic area. Privately-owned clinics and rural health centers tend to pay less than larger, urban hospitals.

Do you want to work in the health care field but remain undecided about what profession you want to pursue? Below is a list of approximate salaries of some of the more popular medical field professions, starting with the Cna salary:

Certified Nursing Assistant: $ 15,000-$ 25,000

Dental Assistant: $ 20,000-$ 30,000

Licensed Practical Nurse: $ 30,000-$ 40,000

Respiratory Therapist: $ 40,000-$ 50,000

Medical Assistant: $ 20,000-$ 23,000

Nurse Manager: $ 50,000-$ 67,000

Certified nursing assistants with 5 to 10 years or more experience are capable of earning anywhere from $ 20,000 up to $ 35,000, depending on the amount and quality of experience that have acquired from employment opportunities. There is also a discrepancy in a Cna salary based on what state a nurse’s aide is working in. For example, the yearly income of a CNA employed in California is estimated at between $ 21,000 up to $ 35,000. But wages earned by a CNA working in North Carolina is approximately $ 16,000 to $ 26,000. Certain larger cities in the U.S. also have different pay scales for a certified nursing assistant. New York City averages around a $ 30,000 to $ 50,000 yearly income for a CNA, whereas Houston, Texas tends to pay their CNA’s closer to the national average of $ 21,000 to $ 37,000. Remember, however, that the most important factor in deciding what your income will be as a certified nursing assistant is the amount of experience you accumulate. Some CNA’s who have worked in hospitals and nursing homes for many years will sometimes have just as much expertise and knowledge as a registered nurse. Thus, employers prefer CNA’s with wisdom garnered from working steadily within their profession and will readily pay more for such a skilled and knowledgeable nurse.

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