CNA Training in Preventing Nursing Home Negligence


Ensuring that nursing home residents are properly cared for is of the utmost importance. Preventing accidents and undue harm to residents is one of the main goals in caring for individuals in a continuing care environment. During CNA training the prevention of accidents is taught thoroughly during the clinical section of the course. Avoiding possible injury that can result in charges of nursing home negligence is extremely important for a certified nursing assistant.  

Nursing home negligence usually occurs when a trained qualified professional such as a doctor, nurse or nurse’s aide fails to provide the necessary care for a patient in a nursing home environment. Neglect can be prevented which is why it is such a problem when discovered. Medical professionals are trained to provide high levels of care depending on the level of their training. With a certified nursing assistant some forms of neglect could include failure to feed a patient resulting in malnourishment, infections of the skin as a result of improper bathing, the occurrence of severe bedsores as a result of not turning a patient on a regular schedule and failing to maintain a sanitary environment by changing bed pans routinely. These are unfortunate circumstances that can definitely be prevented. No patient should have to become ill or suffer because a certified nursing assistant fails to do his or her job. Choosing to work as a certified nursing assistant affirms that you are committed to performing certain duties each and everyday. This kind of negligence can be prevented by taking your job seriously and being as thorough as possible in performing your functions as a CNA.  

Negligence is not only harmful to the patient but it can have a devastating impact on your record as a nurse’s aid. Since your job is to provide the basic care for the elderly and the disabled within a continuing care environment, your failure to do so shows that you are not practicing your profession at the highest level. At the worst, you could have charges filed against you by relatives of the affected patient or by the state on behalf of the individual. The nursing home could lose its license because of negligence and to prevent this they will fire you to prevent this from happening. Finding employment after losing one’s job as a certified nursing assistant because of neglect can be extremely difficult. In extreme cases your certification could be revoked ending your career.  

If you’ve taken your certified nursing assistant training seriously and show dedication to performing your job, you can prevent the unfortunate circumstances related to nursing home negligence.  

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