Information on CNA Certification



In America, a Certified Nurse Aide can be defined as an individual, who have successfully completed state and federal approved nurse assistant training programs, and passed the competency evaluation test. The clearing of Certification exam rewards them with Certification and listing with particular state nurse aide registry. The enlisting also facilitate legal working in various hospitals, long term care units, adult homes, home care setting and numerous other health care clinics under the active supervision of Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse.

It is mandatory that, CNA training programs and CNA Certification test must meet the provisions, as stipulated in OBRA-87, which was passed by the congress for the competent care of the residents in hospitals and numerous other health care centers.

In order to get the Certification, a Nurse aide must meet following requirements:

1. A Nursing Assistant must complete specific state training programs. The duration of the training program may stretch from 75 hours to 150 hours, as per requirements of that state.

2. The training program consists of both classroom theory curriculum and clinical hand-on training, which are based on necessity of actual patient care in hospitals and other health clinics.

3. The successful completion of training program allows a nurse aide candidate to sit for the competency evaluation test.

4. Certification test also include written test, based on classroom learning and patient care demonstration skill test.

5. It is mandatory to pass both tests to get the certification.

The passing of test also award them certification and listing with respective state Nurse Aide Registry and they are legally allowed to offer nursing care to patients.

Certification is valid for 2 years and must be renewed, within that period of time. 150 hours working clock hours are essential for renewal of the license.

The basic prerequisite of CNA training and Certification can be summed up as follows:

1. High School Diploma or GED

2. No disqualifying convictions, such as Criminal background and felony charges as stipulated by Health Care Worker Background Check Act.

3. Completion of state and federal approved training program.

4. Passing of competency evaluation exam.

Certification also helps these medical nursing professionals, who want to make their career in nursing field by providing competent nursing care to patients. CNA is first step in this field and, through continuing education and additional qualification, certified nursing aides can enhance their ranking in nursing care sector.


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