The Importance Of Cna Skills Training In The Life Of A Nurse


CNA skills training makes a candidate worthy enough to sit for the qualifying exams and pass it with flying colors. The CNA training consists of both the classroom teachings and hands-on training and you will also be required to give an exam based on both your theoretical and practical knowledge of the skills required to be a CNA. It usually takes about a few weeks to complete the course and by the time you complete it, you will have a comprehensive idea about handling the sick and the corresponding medical equipment, so that you can really provide both physical and emotional support to the patients. There are many skills you have to master so that you can become a good nursing assistant.

Lifting Patients

CNA skills training include learning how to lift patients from their beds without causing them much pain. You must know where to hold them so that you can lift them without injuring them or even yourself. It may be necessary to lift patients to change the linen regularly, shift him to a wheelchair and take him around or even to shift him to another bed in another room of the hospital. It is important to develop the right tactic to hold and lift the patient so that you don’t buckle under the pressure or cause him too much discomfort lest he have broken limbs.

Looking After the Hygiene

Most of the sick patients are unable to perform their daily duties like brushing their teeth, bathing, washing hands and toileting. While it is necessary that the patient be helped to do all this on his own, you will have to guide him in this process and overlook that he does it well. You may have to do it completely if the patient is too sick. You may also have to feed the patient if he cannot eat on his own. It is vital for CNAs to be constantly by the side of the patients so that they can routinely monitor their progress and look after their daily needs. All these are a part of CNA skills training which also includes providing emotional support to both the patient and his family.

Handling Routine Medical Instruments

It is an important part of CNA skills training to know how to take the vital signs of a patient. It is very necessary to record the vital signs on a regular basis and the CNAs are trained to do this proficiently. Every patient has a medical record and the doctor has a look at it on his daily rounds. You have to learn to check the blood pressure using both the old and the modern techniques. You also have to take the patient’s temperature and also learn the use of the stethoscope. This will help you keep tabs on the patient’s vital signs and check on his improvement.

Keeping Records

CNA skills training include learning how to write and maintain records of the patients vital signs and his reactions to medicines and any change in his physical or emotional behavior. All these records will be brought to the notice of the supervising nurse who will in turn apprise the concerned doctor so that he can take the necessary steps. Thus, the CNA has to be very skilled in her job so that the patients are well looked after and get well soon.

Lucy Almond has many articles online about the necessity of CNA skills training and how it can help in the treatment of the sick. According to him, it is important to go through the CNA skills training to be able to excel in CNA careers.