Certified Nursing Assistant Salary – Are They Paid Well?


A Nursing Assistant, as the name would suggest, is a qualified health care practitioner who assists nurses with various patient care activities essential in meeting comfort needs of a patient. Basically, the job description of a nursing assistant is to take a patient’s vital signs, assist with patient’s personal hygiene i.e. bathing, changing bed linens, dressing the patients, etc. A certified Nursing Assistant may also be tasked with serving and collecting food trays, feeding incapacitated patients, offering between-meal nourishments, cleaning, sterilizing, storing, and preparing all necessary supplies..

A nursing assistant is the first and direct contact between the hospital and the patient as they spend most of the time with the patients. To become a certified assistant, you will need to have a basic of high school diploma or GED, and/ or at least two years of working experience. You must also possess basic knowledge on commonly used practices, concepts, and procedures within the field. At the work place a nursing assistant mostly relies on pre-set guidelines and instructions, and works under the immediate supervision of an LPN. They report to a supervisor or Registered Nurse.

Despite the hard and tiresome work they are expected to do, the Certified Nursing Assistant Salary is not one that someone can boast of, well at least compared to the nature of work that they do, and in comparison with that of the LPNs, who work less hard than their CNAs counterparts. CNAs are the lowest paid people in the medical field salary scale, earning an annual salary of between $ 19,500 and $ 29,000, and a median salary of circa $ 26,300, which translates to slightly over $ 2,100 a month. Note however that these figures could adjust upwards or downwards depending on one’s work experience, job location, and employer, thus this is often above the minimum wage, not to mention the health insurance and retirement plans that awaits one.

Looking at the Certified Nursing Assistant salary, being as it is that it isn’t the best of packages as per the kind of work they do, most people who enter this field don’t do it for the money. Mostly do it to satisfy their inner desire to help needy people, or perhaps to kick start an exciting career in the medical field. If you want to test the waters, so to speak, in the medical field before immersing yourself into exhaustive training in a nursing school, or if you wish to work part time while following your studies, the certified nursing assistant salary shouldn’t discourage you, rest assured that much more awaits you upon successful completion of your studies.

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