CNA Programs in Arizona


CNA (Certified Nurse Associate/Aide) programs in Arizona act as a gateway for a concrete future in healthcare industry. Nursing has become a demanding job career in America due to short course duration and a low fee that is charged during the training course and the certification examination. $ 1100-$ 1500 is what you need to have in your pocket for getting a certification in a CNA program. If you are having some financial problems even then you need not to worry as you can rein the various scholarship programs running in the training schools under the CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) program. The CNA programs in Arizona don’t demand any specific skill set, or, a high qualification.

You must be 16 years of age.
You must have an 8th grade Reading, Writing, Language and Math skills.

Before you can work as a CNA in Arizona, you need to pass the certification after the training program and submit your fingerprint ID as a proof of Identification. There are two parts in the training program. One is the written part in the Certification Exam and the other one is the Clinical Skill test. You need to pass both the tests in order to work as a CNA (Certified Nurse Aide). The salary of a CNA in Arizona is relatively less than the average salary of CNA in other states of the country. But you can go for the higher certification and gain experience to raise your salary slab. Hard work is the key to success as always. You need to understand the medical terms, and learn acute care, Emergency case handling and Care, Prepare reports with RN (Registered Nurse), learn Infection Control, medical ethics and most importantly to manage time and medical tool management in order to be a sound and ineffable CNA.

The training program goes for around 12 weeks. Every school has its’ own program structure and class management system. There may be 3-day classroom program, or, Weekend Classroom Program. You can opt for a school according to your own suitability. These are the various schools that are present in the Arizona State:

Arizona Western College
Central Arizona College – 4 Campuses
Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology
Cochise College
Coconino Community College
Mesa Community College – 5 Campuses across Arizona

All these nursing schools have different courses and different fee for the course. Each school gives a different amount of credit hours also. The average salary of CNA in Arizona is between $ 17,200 and $ 30,600 that means $ 12.07 in each hour typically. You need to renew your licensure in order to keep working as a CNA and keep your name registered in state registry. As a current CNA in any other state you can apply for reciprocity in CNA from Arizona also. Just follow the guidelines and provide the appropriate proof of your CNA certification to the state nursing board.

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