Nursing Assistant Education – Develop Your Skills

Certified nursing assistants need to have a certification that they have finished the required educational program for the CNA. Nursing assistant education aims to train and educate aspiring nursing assistants on how to properly take care of their patients. Although a nursing assistant is always under the supervision of a registered nurse, it is still important that he is well-trained to avoid mistakes that could be very dangerous for the patient.


An applicant for nursing assistant education must be at least 18 years old. They must also have a high school diploma at the very least or a GED. The requirements mentioned may differ for each state as well as the educational institution. Some institutions accept students that are fresh high school graduates for the nursing assistant graduation even if they are only 16 years old. There are also some states that do not require a high school diploma or GED from the applicants for the education program. Once enrolled in the program, a student must complete the required number of hours in lectures and practical training. After accomplishing that, he is already qualified to apply for the licensure exam or certification.


Some colleges require their applicants for nursing assistant education to complete a required number of prerequisite subjects that are related to the job of a nursing assistant. Examples of these prerequisite subjects are human anatomy, basic computer skills, medical terminology, first aid and CPR.

Academic and Practical Training

Nursing assistant education is not entirely about sitting in class listening to a professor discuss important points from the book. Aside from the classroom lecture where the students learn about the basic knowledge needed for the job, there is also a practical training where the students get to practice what they have learned in the classroom and from their books. Practical training programs for nursing assistants are usually conducted in hospitals, clinics, mental institutions, elderly homes or rehabilitation facilities.

Skills Taught In School

The skills taught in nursing assistant education are mainly the skills needed to efficiently execute the duties of a nursing assistant. Examples of these skills are giving the patient a bath, dressing, grooming as well as feeding. Taking vital signs and inserting a catheter are the more specialized skills that a nursing assistant has to learn. These skills are taught inside the classroom and the students are given the chance to put their knowledge into practice during the practical training.

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