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A great way to start a career as a nurse or in a healthcare related job in general is by going through a Red Cross CNA Training Course. If you did not know that the Red Cross is an active provider of CNA Training classes, you are not alone. I was actually surprised to hear that not many people know really what the local Red Cross Chapters actually do.

Becoming a CNA is not a matter of years. You can actually graduate from CNA training at the Red Cross in just a few weeks. And since you are already connected to the Red Cross in that moment this training course might actually jumpstart your healthcare career. I am not promising that the Red Cross offers you a job or does any job placements, but the Red Cross is well connected in your local community and is definitely an advantage. Even if you would become a volunteer with the Red Cross, this would count as job experience and will help you to get a CNA job more easily. After all, what good is training if your news skills do not get used?!

Why would you want to become a CNA? As the population ages (you probably heard about millions of baby boomers nearing retirement), job opportunities for nursing assistants are excellent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has published several statistics that provide the necessary evidence. In addition, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is also a very good way to enter the healthcare field. Becoming a CNA is often the foundation to a career that provides financial stability and that is rewarding on a personal level as well. Not that many people go home in the evening knowing that their work really made a difference in someone else’s life.

Once you are a CNA you can advance in a healthcare career by becoming a RN (Registered Nurse) or even by attending school to become a doctor. Earning the money to pay for the education + gaining a lot of experience is a great way to succeed in life. And isn’t it amazing that all this can start with a CNA Training Course that is offered from your local Red Cross Chapter?!

You probably didn’t know, but the American Red Cross has provided nursing assistant training classes for more than two decades. The Red Cross has been a significant leader in the nursing profession for more than 100 years. And nurses that were trained by the Red Cross have helped to make a difference in many places on this planet. The Red Cross and its nurses have helped people in under-developed countries as well as being literally in the line of fire in hostile conflicts all over the world. I am tempted to say that nurses that were trained by the Red Cross are very special, but honestly – all nurses and all healthcare personnel deserves a lot of respect from the rest of us.

Conclusion: It is not that well known that the American Red Cross is an important provider of CNA training. The Red Cross has a long history of training nurses and the Red Cross has a great recognition as an organization that goes the extra mile to help people. If you attend a Red Cross CNA Training Course you will be part of this great legacy. Read more about CNA Training at the Red Cross here.

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