What Do Operating Room Nurses Do

What Do Operating Room Nurses Do

The RN specializing in Perioperative Nursing technique performs nursing tasks in the preoperative, intraoperative, and also postoperative phases of the clients’ surgical experience. Based on the Standards and Recommended Practices for Perioperative Nursing– A.O.R.N., the operating area nurse gives a connection of treatment throughout the perioperative period, using clinical and behavior exercise with the ultimate goal of satisfying the specific requirements of the individual undertaking surgical intervention.

This procedure is vibrant and continual, and also requires consistent reevaluation of private nursing method in the operating room. I have actually been an Operating Room Nurse considering that 1995. Previously, I operated in the Operating Room as a LPN/Surgical Technician from 1980-1994. I enjoy functioning there. I do tire of hearing remarks from other nurses that OR nurses don’t actually do nursing obligations. I’m here to establish the document directly. I am as a lot a RN as the next nurse as well as I do patient treatment. Operating Room Nurses evaluate, identify, plan, intervene, and also review their individuals just like every various other nurse. Let me tell you how.


The individual goes into the preoperative area and also is examined by the preoperative Registered Nurse. The perioperative RN (Circulating Nurse), after that meetings the individual with specific emphasis on ensuring the person has notified consent, has actually been NPO for at least 6 humans resources. before surgical treatment, and existing case history to determine any special requirements for the treatment plan.

The perioperative nurse describes to the individual what will certainly happen throughout the personnel phase as well as tries to reduce any type of anxieties the individual and their household may have. The nurse establishes a connection with the patient that enhances the operative experience for the client by building trust fund and also guaranteeing the person and also the family members of the very best treatment possible.

The assessment consists of, yet is not restricted to: oSkin color, temperature, and integrity oRespiratory standing oHistory of conditions that can influence surgical end results (i.e. diabetes) oKnowledge base pertaining to the planned surgical treatment and also issues that might develop oNPO condition oWhat drugs were taken the early morning of surgical treatment and also the time taken oAllergies and also what reactions the patient experiences oPlacement of any metal implants, specifically AICD’s and also pacemakers oTime of last chemotherapy or radiation therapies oVerification of patient’s name as well as day of birth oChecking to validate all medical record numbers match the person’s name band as well as documents

This information is after that used to create the perioperative nursing care strategy.

Medical diagnosis

The nursing medical diagnosis is composed in a manner that aids determine results. Some nursing identifies for surgical patients are: oImpaired gas exchange associated to anesthesia, pain, as well as surgery oPotential for infection relevant to indwelling catheter as well as surgery oActivity intolerance pertaining to pain oAnxiety pertaining to anesthesia, discomfort, illness, operation oAlteration in nourishment less than body demands connected to NPO standing.


Preparation the person’s treatment in the operating area is focused on client security. The nurse collects supplies required for the procedure according to the specialist’s preference card, placing devices, as well as any type of special products needed as figured out by the nurse’s assessment as well as the client’s background. Prep work guarantees that the nurse will certainly have the ability to continue to be in the surgical collection as high as feasible to supply look after the patient. The nurse leaving the area is avoided as much as feasible, however unanticipated situations may require the nurse to delegate get devices or supplies.

When the person is brought to the operating area and moved to running table, patient convenience and also safety are the concern. The nurse supplies warmed up coverings for the person and also applies the safety and security band across the client.

Stringent aseptic as well as clean and sterile strategy are maintained throughout the surgical treatment to minimize the threat for postoperative infection. The nurse stays at the bedside during the induction stage and holds the client’s hand to help reduce anxiety. The patient is guaranteed as required.

Nursing Intervention

The flowing nurse and the scrub nurse/technician job as a group to shield the sterility of the operative area by keeping continuous surveillance. Any type of breaks in clean and sterile method, such as a tear in the cosmetic surgeon’s handwear cover, are corrected quickly. The nurse offers patient comfort by placing warm coverings, staying at the individual’s side until anesthetic has actually been efficiently caused as well as the anesthesia provider releases the care of the patient to the surgical group.

The person will be placed and all pressure factors will be cushioned to avoid transformed skin honesty. The surgical skin preparation is after that carried out aseptically and allowed to dry prior to positioning of the surgical drapes. A preincision confirmation performed by the distributing nurse reconsiders the patient’s name, the surgical treatment, the site/side of the treatment, the antibiotic mixture has actually started, and also the prep is dry.


The flowing nurse keeps track of the individual vigilantly during the course of the perioperative phase which includes preoperative, personnel, and also postoperative phases of surgery. Assessment of the individual’s reaction to the surgical treatment is continuous and continuous.


The perioperative nurse supporters for the patient. Whether rubbing, flowing, or supervising other team participants, the perioperative nurse is constantly aware of the complete environment, as well as the person’s response to the atmosphere as well as the care given during all 3 stages of surgical treatment.
The perioperative nurse is well-informed concerning aseptic technique, individual safety and security, legal aspects of nursing, and management of nursing activities related to the specific operation being carried out. OR nursing is one-of-a-kind: it supplies a specialized solution throughout the perioperative duration that worries the need for connection of treatment as well as regard for the uniqueness of the person’s demands.

The perioperative Registered Nurse (Circulating Nurse), then meetings the patient with certain focus on guaranteeing the patient has educated permission, has actually been NPO for at the very least 6 humans resources. Preparation the client’s treatment in the operating space is concentrated on client safety. When the client is brought to the operating area as well as transferred to operating table, individual comfort and also security are the concern. The nurse supplies warmed up blankets for the person and also applies the security band across the patient. The nurse offers for person comfort by positioning cozy blankets, staying at the patient’s side up until anesthetic has been efficiently caused and also the anesthesia carrier releases the treatment of the individual to the surgical group.