Become A Certified Nursing Assistant (cna)

The demand for certified nursing assistants is growing increasingly. This is creating the new career opportunities for the people seeking job in medical field. The demand for the nurse aides is expected to be on high for the next twenty years. Hence, choosing CNA can be the good career choice. The certification for this is not much difficult, but the person must initially know how the system functions.

For becoming the CNA, you should develop the skills required to care for the individuals of all ages. The main responsibilities that nursing assistant needs to handle are bathing, clothing, feeding, administering, medicating and assisting the patients.

If you are thinking of becoming a certified nursing assistant, you should be very committed to your job. You should have compassion and a desire to help people. It is an easy and rewarding job. You should have patience and self-confidence. The person should also have strong interpersonal skills that are especially valuable traits for nursing assistants.

How to Become CNA?
The special courses are conducted by state government for training the CNA candidates. If you wish to get the certification, you can contact the State Nurse Aide Registry and Licensing Board.

You can also get CNA courses and training at

Various courses conducted in colleges
Online CNA classes
Nursing homes and assisted living centers
Private center for CNA training
Community colleges

The main requirements for becoming CNA are
No criminal convictions
Age above 18 years
Ability to read and write English
Passed in state CNA exam
Helping attitude

When you have completed your CNA course and passed the state board CNA exam, you need to go on a nurse aide registry. It certifies that you are now fully certified and has met all the basic state board requirements for CNA within the medical field.

The rules for CNA registry changes from state to state. If you have shifted to new state, you need to check the nurse aide registry requirements to make sure that the certification can be transferred. Some states may have higher CNA requirements than your previous state requirements and you might not be allowed to practice CNA under the rules of the new state of you do not meet the criterion of the states rule.

The certified nursing assistant can be the great and wonderful career in the medical field dedicated for serving the patients. The above points on how to become a CNA will show you the right way towards achieving your goal.

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