Certified Nursing Aide Programs in Wyoming

Nursing is not only a profession, or, a job to do, it is something when you have a desire to change and make a difference where others cannot. Ever wonder what if you are a doctor and you wake up in morning and at one fell swoop you find that there are no Nurses to medically assist you!

CNA programs in Wyoming require different eligibility age than other states of the US. Here the minimum age required is 16 years before you can enroll in the nurse training program. Spick and Span career opportunities are present all across the state after being a CNA. With a meager population of 18000, and a lesser number of nursing facilities there is a need of more Certified Nursing Aide Nursing trainers in the state, so wont’ be having a squeaky bum time working as CNA and think for a secure job offer. The job assurance as a CNA is Wyoming is stagnant. The procedure for becoming a CNA is same as in any other state and can be seen as a three way process as:

·   Meet the pre-requisites and get enrolled in any of the accredited schools that provide training for the CNA certification

·   Complete the training process that is usually 120 hours in total but may differ state to state and also school to school.

·   Go for the certification exam and put your head in whatever you have learnt during the training course.

After you have done the certification in the Nurse Aide program, you apply for a job in any of the medical facilities of the Wyoming state. The training cost of CNA also varies from school to school. Wyoming is the home of the Central Wyoming College (CWC), which is one of the acknowledged schools for the CNA training. The training time for the CNA program in CWC is around 100 hrs which ensures both classroom as well as clinical lab training. Short and Inexpensive training of the CNA program makes it a much better choice for particular career.


Every state has its’ own legislation and along with the course, state regulations are also taught to the CNA trainees so that they don’t face any problem while practicing. The duties of a CNA need not be explained as the foremost and most important part of the duty of the CNA is the patient.

You can go for online as well as regular training course but remember internet based training is not valid through out the states as not in Wisconsin. Here is the list of schools in the Wyoming that provide sound training on the CNA certification:

·   Pathfinder High School Nurse Aide Course – Lander

·   Western Wyoming Community College Outreach – Lyman

·   Weston County Health Services – Newcastle

·   Western Wyoming Community College Outreach CNA Program – Mountain View

·   Northern Wyoming Community College C.N.A. Class – Powell

·   Valley View Health Care Center CNA Course – Saratoga

·   Sheridan Manor Nurse Aide Program

·   Central Wyoming College Nursing Assistant Course – Riverton

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