Certified Nursing Assistant Duties

The duties required of a Certified Nursing Assistant are wide and varied, depending on which state you live in and what type of facility you work in. No matter where you live or work, however, there are various laws of responsibility and liability connected to CNA’s duties. This information is a part of your training course to become a CNA. You’ll learn about the laws of your particular state and how it affects you as a CNA.

One thing that never changes, though, is that your first responsibility is always to your patient. Many times you’ll take care of daily routine and management of the patient. This is most true when you’re caring for elderly patients in nursing homes.

Secondly, you’ll need to carry out the goals, mission and objectives of the facility you work in. There are many of these facilities, today, that provide extensive training along with an orientation program where their expectations of their staff are thoroughly covered. You would be wise to pay close attention.

Third, you’ll need to carry out the duties of a CNA in the way you were trained to do them. This is your primary obligation. However, it should also be the most satisfying and rewarding part of your job.

A very specific and vital responsibility of a CNA is ensuring that the patient’s rights are always protected. These include rights to privacy, to be informed of their care and treatment program, to accept or reject treatment, and to be included in all information relating to their health care plan.

CNAs have more direct contact with their patients than nurses, and therefore, become the nurses’ eyes and ears. You’ll be expected to closely watch over your patient and know emergency responses if they’re needed. Most of the time, CNAs are required to monitor vital signs of the patients. This means you’ll be taking temperatures, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and checking the pain level. These are daily duties expected from you. You’ll also probably be aiding in the feeding process, bathing, dressing and bed changing.

A CNA’s job is very tiring but also highly rewarding and satisfying. If it sounds like something you may want to do, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in this field.

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