Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description

The first thing that you think of when hearing the term “Certified Nursing Assistant” is probably a job in a nursing home. Yes, this statement is true, because this is the industry with the biggest demand for CNAs, but there are also many other places where the nursing certificated can be used. But what does exactly being a CNA mean and how does it help you?

The CNA is someone who takes care of the daily needs of those who need nursing care.

Many nurses say that the first thing they learn about their new career is that nursing is not about giving shots, dispensing medicines or being a doctor’s assistant, but its all about learning how to listen and communicate with your patients.

The CNA’s job is in many cases vital to effective medical treatment, because the nurse is the one who spends the most of his time with the patient. This allows the CNA to notice even the slightest changes in the person’s attitude which can be a result of a wrong treatment, critical medical condition or else.

But can you work anywhere else with your CNA degree?
Many nurses are called for home visitation. Usually the patients in this case are old people who can’t perform simple daily tasks and need assistance. For example the nurse may have to help the adult to take a shower or to change his clothes. You may think that it is not important, but think how it looks in the eyes of the old patient. If it wasn’t for the nurse they would have probably be sent to a nursing home.

Many schools hire CNAs to help them take care of minor health issues. These CNAs are not allowed to dispense meditation, but they can greatly help students who have minor health problems.

Many CNAs find work in different rehabilitation programs and facilities. These places use licensed professionals to all the therapy, but the CNA is the one who gets close to the patients and develops a relationship which may be an important part of the rehabilitation process.

If you want to start a career in health care than nursing may be the choice for you. You can work as a LPN or RN while working on your CNA degree which allows you to get to know your future career even better. Being a nurse may not be one of the highest paid jobs, but it is definitely a rewarding career.


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