Certified Nursing Assistants

An increasingly important part of the health care system, Nursing Assistants are basically¬† individuals who provide support in terms of getting routine tasks done while the nursing staff can perform duties they’ve been trained for. The tasks generally include responding to routine patient calls, assist the patients in walking around, change, eat their food, exercise, monitoring and supervising the medicines intake, transporting the patients from one place to another for getting tested or otherwise. They may also perform tasks such as cleaning of rooms and changing bed linens.

A Nursing Assistant in order to get certified generally completes a government approved two year training program that includes pre-determined hours of theory and supervised clinical hours. In addition knowledge of some basic skills of patient care is also important. They work directly with the patients under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses.

If one wants to pursue a career in this field and land a job as a CNA in an accredited place, valid resources say things look good since this area is expanding as the demand is on the rise. An increasing number of the population of elders in the Australian workforce means hospitals will soon have to induct more people in their staff in the years to come to fill in the jobs vacated by the elders in their workforce. This will lead to an increased number of hiring in the coming years and hence more jobs.

So for all CNA’s out there the future is promising and shiny as one may not only work in medical institutions and health centers providing real time assistance to the nursing and doctors staff and deal with patients of all kinds, they may also work in senior citizens homes and provide care and assistance to the elderly. The demand for certified nursing assistants will be on an all time high in the years to come and so the options to work in this field will be many. Interested individuals may either look for a job in their neighborhood hospitals or medical centers or ¬†
Search online portals which are widely listed with job openings for certified nursing assistants.

While we have focused on the bright and shiny aspect of this area, one may also not ignore the hardships people may face in pursuing a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. The work environment is not always very conducive and pay scale is on an average not very high, which may come across as disappointing to some. As per the Australian official pay scale website an individual working as a CNA may earn 10 dollars an hour when new in the field, while the more experienced ones can expect to earn 12 dollars an hour. The job can be very demanding and taxing at times as CNA’s may often have to carry out unpleasant tasks or deal with a difficult patient which is most often the case.

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