Certified Nursing Schools and CNA Job Duties

CNA is a health aid professional who works as a certified nursing assistant. CNA is required to help the patients and return them to their normal functions. With the growing demand of certified nursing assistants, jobs are in plenty with wide range of field and opportunities to choose from, which is projected to grow within few next years. Nursing assistants may be able to find work within a particular specialty area, which they find interesting and should look at state and private hospitals as well as nursing homes and long term care centers, home health care businesses and a variety of other medical facilities for employment.

CNA’s work under the guidance and supervision of registered nurse. They are required to look forward to patient’s basic needs such bathing, cleaning, washing, walking and eating. In order to earn a lucrative salary CNA’s are required to have CNA certification from a recognized training institute or online CNA schools as well as 2-3 years of working experience in the medical sector. The basic tasks of a CNA includes, bathing, feeding, dressing, cleaning patient’s room, help making bed and in walking. At times, they are also required to take body fluids, assisting doctors and take care of medical procedures.

Based on the type of facility the CNA is working in, their job responsibilities tend to change. Some CNA’s are required to take care of mentally retarded patients. Those living with patients in their homes are known as Home nursing aids. These patients require 24 hours care; CNA’s are required to work round the clock in shifts.

Those willing to work as a CNA are required to take up the one year nursing course that can be obtained from any local medical institution. Upon successful completion of the course the students are certified to working as certified nursing aide.

Upon clearing the state board exam, all the nursing trainees are qualified as a certified nursing aide; ready to get recruited in various health care and nursing settings: hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and many others. Operating, as a CNA is not a simple choice by any means. As it includes extended hours, hard bodily labor, and frequently long duration of time to be spent standing.

The average salary of a CNA falls between $ 20,000 to $ 27,000, which may vary depending upon the location for which you are chosen to work for.

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