CNA Certification


Though their main duty is to take patient care but along with it they also perform various other tasks too. The schedule of the nursing aide is very hectic and they only get an hour break in between their shifts. In case of emergency, they even perform extra shifts. They work under the supervision of licensed practical nurse and work according to the guidelines given by them.

The various tough duties and responsibilities that CNAs perform include- checking the vital signs of the patient, bathing and grooming the patients, dressing the external wounds of the clients, maintaining discipline in the care center, attending, answering and transferring the phone calls, attending the visitors of the care center, maintaining the important documents of the care center, reporting the doctor about the present condition of the resident, taking proper care and offering proper treatment to the client and lots of other responsibilities too. The demand of the nursing assistant is very high in the United States and they are also getting good amount of salary. It can be better option for the job seekers to start their career in the field of nursing as a nursing assistant.

To be a nursing aide, first of all candidate need to match up with the criteria required by the state board of nursing and you need to complete the training period of minimum 75 hours from an approved nursing institute. In the training classes students are prepared for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program popularly known as Certification Exam of CNA. In the training classes they are also trained for the daily job work of nursing assistants and they are given various nursing skills to practice. At the end of the training session practice tests are also taken in order to make the students aware of the examination structure and to boost up confidence in them.

After the completion of the training period, candidates are allowed to sit in the annual exam of nursing aide. The format of the exam is consisted of two parts i.e. written portion and hands on section of the examination. Both the parts of the exam held on the same day. Usually 60 questions are asked in the oral portion and 5 skills are given for performance in the hands on section of the examination. The time limit provided to complete both the parts of the examination is 2.25 hours.

The candidates, who clear the exam, are rewarded with the certificate and certificate allows them for the employment in the health care industry as a nursing assistant. It is noticeable for the candidates that they need to renew their certificate after every two years from the date of issue of the certificate, otherwise it expires.


A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant, who works on the vanguard of patient and health care. for more details : CNA Certification