CNA Personality And Training Requirements

There are three types of nurses and each of them has different duties. One of these nurses is called a CNA. CNA is the abbreviation of Certified Nursing Assistant. These nurses are the frontline nurses who stay in contact with the patient directly throughout their duty hours. It is their prime duty to observe the patient’s condition closely and report to Registered Nurse in case of any unexpected circumstance. They also have to help the patient in performing his daily routine tasks like feeding and dressing. These nurses also help the patient with the bed pans and give them bed bath if required. It is their duty to help the patient build his physical as well as mental health.

These nurses get special training to perform all these tasks. There are many schools and colleges which are offering these courses and also cna certification. The entry requirement for these courses is a high school diploma and some colleges don’t even demand that, moreover there is no age limit for these courses and anyone can join them at any age. A standard module gives you theoretical classes as well as practical training. These classes usually provide theoretical classes in their college and the practical classes are conducted in a nursing home or a hospital. The first week of the course only includes theoretical classes and from the second week, five practical and one theoretical class is arranged.

There are three platforms which can be chosen to get your training. Firstly there are many schools offering certified nursing assistant training courses. These colleges can be easily found in your neighborhood or you may even choose to look for them on the internet. Secondly, there are many nursing homes which are offering these courses for free. These nursing homes do not charge any tuition fee but they make their students sign a contract restricting them to only work with them for a certain time period. This platform is very appropriate for those who cannot afford to pay tuition fees. Third way of getting nursing assistant training is to get this training from an online nursing school. There are many websites which offer these courses. These online nursing schools are cheaper than the real colleges and they do not make their students sign any contracts like the nursing homes. These online programs are very favorable for those who are working in any other profession and those who want to take training in the comfortable environment of their home.

After the training program, the CNA candidates appear in an exam. After passing this exam, these nursing assistants can start their career as certified nursing assistants. These nursing assistants work for five shifts every week with each shift of 8 hours. They can also work partly in a nursing home or as a home health aide. A newly Certified Nursing Assistant usually earns about 10 dollars per day and this pay scale increases very frequently. Home health aides work on a higher pay scale but they do not get a permanent job and may have to spend some days without a job which brings their monthly income close to that of a nursing assistant working in hospital.

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