Free CNA Training to Satisfy Your Desire to Serve Patients


If you think you are a compassionate individual having zeal to provide competent care to suffering bedside residents, you can join CNA training programs and pass the certification test, which can allow you to work in long term care units, hospitals, nursing homes and various other health care centers. But, suppose if you have financial constraint or if you are not financially sound to undertake certified nursing aide training programs by paying regular training fees, what alternative do you have to complete these programs?

If you are unable to pay your tuition fees for the training programs, you can easily search for the various states and federal approved Free CNA Trainings. These free trainings not only help you complete your training for a certification but also assist you in satisfying your passion for offering nursing care to ailing patients.

Certified Nurse Aide programs, whether it is tuition paid or Free CNA Training, both consist of 75 hours to 150 hours (as per specific state requirement) classroom and clinical hand-on training. The successful completion of training allows a nurse assistant to sit for OBRA-87 and State Nursing Board approved competency evaluation test. The clearing of the exam awards CNA certification to a candidate and listing with respective state Nurse Aide Registry.

Free Nurse Aide Training Program

In order to avail Free Certified Nursing assistant Training, following steps can be followed with little research:

1. There are numerous long term care facilities that offers sponsorship for free training in exchange of pledge by a nurse aide to work in the same facility after completion of training and passing of certification test.

2. There are numerous state and federal approved, scholarships, Grants, tuition waiver and financial schemes for free trainings. These free schemes are offered to a deserving student, due to acute shortage of nursing personnel in various nursing care facilities.

3. Many colleges and private corporate and other entities also provide grants and scholarships for free training programs or for tuition reimbursement.

Therefore, lack of funds may not hinder your desire to complete nurse aide trainings for offering competent care to ailing patients. You can research around and inquire with specific colleges, nursing schools and health care agencies for state, federal and private agency sponsored Free CNA Trainings. Little research on these programs will go a long way in satisfying your passion for nursing care to suffering patients.



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