Huge Demand Of Nursing Assistant In Hospital Industry

Hospitals industry is growingly rapidly these days and will never face the recession like all other industries normally face. The number of sick patients has increased dramatically despite of awareness about health care. In these critical situations, nurses along with doctors are the only ones who have the ability to handle these critical situations very efficiently. Without the nurses in the hospital, it cant grow or treat patient.
Some of the major tasks of nurses and their responsibilities in hospital are:
Nurses take care of patients in Hospitals by providing them right medication as prescribed to them.
Nurses take the responsibility of handling hospital in case of an emergency or in the absence of doctors thus act as second fiddle to doctors.
Apart from hospital, Nurses also play a vital role in society by handling any peculiar situations that arise in the society.
In this hierarchy of medical practitioners come next the CNAs. CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant. CNAs are the aids to Nurses and therefore renowned as Nursing aid. They are second fiddle to Nurses and are relatively closer to the patients. CNA take up the job of examining the medical status of a patient and forward this status to next higher level in the hierarchy i.e. Nurses.
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