Nursing Assistant Salary

Certified nursing assistants certification is gaining worldwide importance and popularity. There are a number of institutes around the world that offer you such type of courses that after completion you will become a certified nursing assistant. It may also be pronounced as licensed nursing aides. Many of the institutions also provide these certifications online where people can study easily at their own convenience and can maintain a work life balance easily. Though after getting the certification you can get a handsome amount of pay.

They pay might increases alongside with your experience level. In other words more the experience more will be individuals pay. A nursing assistant’s salary might be less as compared to certified nursing assistants. Salary of certified nursing assistant are set up by the federal government. The experience level alongside salary chart is presented by the government itself. If you are not a certified nursing assistant then your career as well as salary might have low chances of survival. You have to be competitive in order to get hold of a good job and salary.

Everyone around the world would take an easy advantage of non certified nurse’s where they will get less pay as compared to the certified ones regardless how much experience they have.

After you have completed the basic requirements of certification no matter in which field of nursing you specialize, each specialization will augment your training. Each of the specialization will raise your salary to new heights.
Nursing assistant who are certified have the fastest growing salary packages as compared to other profession in the country. This is only one benefit and may be the most beneficial for an individual after becoming a certified nursing assistant.

As compare to other profession the employment rate has also increased many folds and in near future will increase more. By 2014 the employment rate for nursing aides will increase by 21%. This is a very astonishing figure that has stunned the entire world.

As the number of certified nursing assistants is increasing day by day the upward trend of such nursing assistant salary is going at a consistent speed. This is one of the fastest growing careers in the world. If you opt to become a certified nursing assistant than there are wide range of benefits and compensation waiting for you in this particular field.

Certified nursing assistants who have experience in this field earn around $ 20,000 to $ 30,000 a year. There are many certified nursing assistants who earn more than normal i.e. $ 35,000 a year. Many people ask that why so much difference in the pay scale is there when both have same level of certification. It all narrows down how much experience you have in the practical field. Certified nursing assistants with more experience will earn more as compared to certified nursing assistant’s who have less experience. One experience might be where you have no medical background such people might have more experience but might not earn more in practical life.

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