The Nobel Prize in Nursing – An Acknowledgment Whose Time Has Come


The Nobel Prize in Nursing – An Acknowledgment Whose Time Has Come

Believe regarding all the endless hours the nurses invest in all the emergency rooms, extensive treatment units, health centers and also clinics of the world, tending the unwell, recovering the injured, as well as bringing light, hope and far better health and wellness to the millions around the world …

Think concerning the qualifications they bring to such a critical public feature and also what would certainly have taken place if they weren’t there in the clogged healthcare facilities as well as battle areas of the globe?

Isn’t that a solution equivalent in relevance to the one supplied by a Nobel-price champion writer, doctor, or political leader? Ask the millions who have actually experienced the wonderful visibility of an expert nurse alongside their operating room or health center bed, as well as the response will be a definite “Yes!”.

Why is there not a comparable Nobel prize for the Nurses, identifying at least one “healing angel” on behalf of all the various other numerous healthcare carriers, honoring them and also recognizing their unassailable contribution to the world health and tranquility? A Baltimore Sun op-ed penciled by Columbia University nursing teacher Kristine Gebbie as well as Center for Nursing Advocacy exec supervisor Sandy Summers has elevated the very same excellent question and also we hope it will not be the last. If there is a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, why not also have one in Nursing?

After recalling the contributions of some genuinely outstanding nurses like Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), Mary Breckinridge (1881-1965), Susie Kim, as well as Elizabeth Ngugi, the writers make the complying with monitorings:.

The world is battling with the deadly effects of a nursing lack, and the related movement of nurses away from the neediest nations – due in component to a lack of understanding of the nature and also worth of the profession. The recognition that comes with such rewards can substantially benefit the public’s health and wellness by proclaiming to the globe, from preschoolers to national leaders, that nursing is one of the most vital areas of human undertaking.”.

Provided the truth that the existing Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine identifies just the scientific research in medication, we plainly need a brand-new classification to honor the unassailable payment nurses make to our lives.