What Is A CNA Test?

The post of the certified nursing assistant (CNA) can be the first step of entering in the field of nurses. Certified nursing assistants are the lowest ranked nurses and have the most duties. These nurses have the main duty of observing patient’s condition very closely and contact the senior nurses in any unexpected circumstances. It is also their duty to help the patient with all his daily routine tasks. It is the duty of a nurse to help the patient with dressing, bed pans, bed baths and many other similar tasks.

CNA test is a test that you will be taking to get you certification. This certification will allow you to start your career as a certified nursing assistant. CNA test have two sections, one is theoretical section and the other is practical section. In the theoretical section you will be given 50 questions with four options of answer, and you just have to select the correct one. It is advised that if you do not know an answer then you should leave it instead of doing it wrong because negative marking can also be observed. In the second section you will be taken to a ward of a hospital or a nursing home where you will be performing 3 tasks. During your practical section, you will be tested for your procedure as well as your ability to handle the work stress.

If you want to pass the CNA test, then you should get trained for the exam. There are many institutes all over the country which are offering different certified nursing assistant training programs and you can easily find these colleges in your neighborhood or you can even choose to search for them over the internet. It is advised to check the accreditation of the institute before taking admission in any institute. Your second option can be of nursing homes. There are many nursing homes present all over the world which are offering free classes for nursing assistant training. These nursing homes usually do not charge any tuition fee but they will make you work only with them for a particular time period to get pay back. You can also choose to attend online classes to prepare yourself for your CNA exam. These online schools are cheaper than the real schools and they allow you to take your classes in the comfortable environment of your room.

Nurses usually works for five shifts in a week with each shift of 8 hours. Theses nurses have to perform a hard standing duty of 8 hours and they get good salary for this. After clearing your test, you can also become a home health aide. Home health aide is the nursing assistants who work with the patients or elderly citizen at their home. A home health aide usually gets paid more than the certified nursing working in a hospital but monthly average income is almost same because home health aide does not possess a permanent job and they have to look for job again and again and this cause their average monthly income to decrease.

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