A Guide To CNA Training In Louisiana

As far as the state regulations in Louisiana are concerned, one has to be a certified nurse aide if he or she wishes to secure a job in a health care institution. The health department has indeed approved a large number of programs which facilitate CNA training in Louisiana. In order for an individual to start the certification process, he or she is obliged to attend one of these programs. Once this is done, one has to pass a practical test before acquiring a certificate and starting work at the chosen medical setting.

Most nursing classes require no less than eighty hours of intense training. In essence, the first forty hours are basically spent in classrooms, whereas the remaining forty are spent on active training. The curriculum in use is acquired from the study books used by the state.

For individuals to get enrolled into training programs, they have got to be eighteen years old or above. In addition to this, they should be ready to go through full medical tests which include two part tuberculosis tests. According to federal laws, individuals also have to pass criminal background checks before being enrolled.

A good trainee ought to be prepared to learn the methods of engagement while communicating with disabled residents, reporting to licensed nurses on health changes in residents, writing and reading medical terminologies, operating weighing machines and blood pressure cuffs just to mention a few of the numerous day to day tasks carried out by nurse aides. Whenever one is prepared to sit for the state exams at the end of the program, it is necessary to make a formal registration at any of the approved test locations. A basic test consists of five skills which have to be demonstrated physically on volunteers in front of an instructor.

After this step, one has to sit for a written test which requires the answering of a couple of questions. An individual can consider himself or herself a certified nursing aide once he or she passes the tests. Moreover, certified individuals are listed on the state nurse aide registry.

According to research conducted recently, the workforce in Louisiana will experience a thirty percent rise in jobs specifically for certified nurse aides until the year twenty sixteen. This basically means that all certified nurse aides will earn a median salary of approximately twenty two thousand and fifty two dollars on a yearly basis. In addition, there is more room for salary increments as individuals gain additional certifications and more experience.

For those living in this state and are interested in venturing into nursing, they should brace themselves for extensive tests and long working hours. However, there is some good news. This career choice can be extremely rewarding for those individuals who enjoy helping people out.

Besides, the skills obtained during training make it a lot easier for rapid advancement. Getting high quality and credible CNA training in Louisiana is extremely important. This is because it goes a long way in saving one from any eventual disappointments that may come up from fake institutions.


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