What is Certified Nursing Assistant?

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are professionals that work in the health care industry and provide appropriate care and service to the patients. There are various professionals that work in the health care industry such as doctors, nurses, technician, dietitian, administrative and support staff. The certified nurse assistant is a lower hierarchy level job, but most candidates who intent to make a career in nursing, start their career as a CNA.

How to become CNA?

To become a certified nurse aide, the individual needs to enroll for certified nursing assistant training program from any accredited institute, nursing schools, community college, hospitals, and clinical care facilities

The eligibility criteria for this nursing program is GED (General Educational Development) or high school diploma. The candidate should be above 16 or 18 years of age as per the state nursing programs rules.

The training programs that the candidates attend should have appropriate hours of theoretical and practical sessions. During the theoretical sessions, the students are taught about human anatomy, diseases, hygiene maintenance, and other basic medical procedures. Attending relevant hours of practical sessions is compulsory. During these sessions student are taught about the actual work that they need to perform when they become nursing aide.

After the completion of training program the student need to pass the certification exam. To begin career as certified nurse aide, the candidates need license. They need to pass the certified nurse assistant license exam and obtain the license before they actually start working as nurse aide.

Job duties of certified nurse aide

What does CNA do is a question that arises in the minds of many people who are planning to pursue a career in nursing. Following are some important job duties of a nursing aide:

Assisting the patients in performing their daily tasks such as combing hair, changing cloths, trimming nails, taking for a walk, or exercising as per the specifications of the doctor

They are responsible for maintaining hygiene of the patient. They need to give sponge bath to the bed-ridden patients.

They are responsible for repositioning the bed-ridden patients to prevent bedsores. They also assist the patients to transfer them from bed to wheel chair.

They need to note down the vital medical signs of the patients such as blood pressure, body temperature, and pulse rate

Sample of blood, urine, and sputum need to be collected by the nursing aide in order to be sent for lab testing

Along with providing medical assistants, they need to provide emotional support to the patients, as it help is quick medical recovery.

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