Certified Nursing Assistant Online

The training to become a certified nursing assistant involves both theory and practical or clinical portions. In many cases, the theory portion of training can consist of the teaching of basic physiology, nutrition, infection control, anatomy, patient safety, and basic nursing skills. Traditionally, this usually involves the use of texts, images and other teaching aids, in a classroom environment to convey this information to students. The explosion of the information technology and the Internet has brought with it more enhancements to education. Much of this instruction can be carried out on-line without the need for the student to physically be in the classroom. With web cam facilities, students can have the entire experience of being in the class with the exception that they aren’t physically there. For the student who is too busy or unable to attend class on campus, on line certified nursing assistant classes are ideal.

The actual on-line training will generally involve the theoretical portion of the training with class topics revolving around chemistry, microbiology, physiology and others to fulfill individual continuing education requirements and foster professional development. The major challenge with taking an on-line certified nursing assistant course, is that the clinical component should take place in a real school laboratory and a health care facility. Hands on learning or practice is the objective here and client assessment needs to be carried out in a real setting. A key element required here, is the supervision of a registered nurse instructor who will be able to answer questions and provide feedback on the progress made during practice sessions. The nursing assistant certification exam involves, both a written exam and a hands-on practice test under the supervision of a competent and qualified instructor. It is therefore, key that and any candidates who intend to pursue the on-line training model, are students who have experience working as nursing assistants pursuing continuing education or are students who are able to practice the hands on section of training, under the supervision of an instructor. Most on-line courses are run by colleges that can act as liaison between you and a local health care facility that would provide the practical hands-on portion of the training and meet all local requirements.

Another challenge key to on-line training, is the fact that there are differences in state legislation on nursing qualifications. If one lives in a state but studies an on-line course administered by a school in a different state, then they may not be able to practice in their locality. It is key, therefore for the perspective on-line certified nursing assistant to check with their local nurses’ registry or state licensing board about key requirements and assess the options offered by different on-line courses or programs.

Overall, a nurse training course that is offered on-line should meet the key component of being accredited by the National League for Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNAC) board or state nurses’ registry. With these key considerations, a course to a certify nursing assistant on-line can be secertifyedand lead to a career in nursing.

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