CNA Programs in Colorado


Have you ever wondered the nurse assistants around you in a medical facility? Who are they? Have they done any course or training? What do they earn? Well, they are the Patient Care Technicians and more commonly known as CNA (certified nurse aide) in Colorado. They are the specially trained nurse assistance staff and carry many duties from taking care of patient’s meals to changing their clothes and moving them in bed. Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) state a 40% growth in medical assistance jobs. Note that medical assistance (HHA) is different from CNA as they undergo a longer training course. One of the most famous colleges of the Colorado, FRCC- Front Range Community College, provides a two year long course and provides associates degree to the trainees.


The fee for the training program is around $ 734 in average. It varies from school to school and on the credit hours that a school provides on CNA training. Yearly income of a CNA in Colorado averages $ 20000-$ 26000, which is greater than the national average salary of CNA in country. The training course is about 110 hours in duration. Always remember that you cannot give medication or give any prescription to the patients. The eligibility criterion is:-


·   You must be 16 years old.

·   You must have a CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) certification.

·   You must hold a high school graduation degree/GED/ equivalent certificate.

·   Pass a physical Test, and drug screening test.

·   A clear background check is also mandatory.


You will a license only on the competency of course and clearance of the Certification Examination. License holds for 2 years and you need to maintain a daily 8 hour practice timing constraint. After 2 years, your license will expire by January 31 of that year. You need to renew your license before that. The fee for license certification examination is $ 95. License renewal fee is not same as this fee. This fee is charged only for the first time when you give your certification examination.


Here is the list of training schools in Colorado:-

·   Adams City High School – Commerce City

·   Ann Rose School of Nursing Arts, Inc. – Westminster

·   Bollman Technical Education Center Nurse Aide Program – Thornton

·   Brighton High School Med Prep Program

·   Front Range Community College CNA Training Program – Westminster

·   Miriam Education Resource (MERC) – Aurora

·   Villas at Sunny Acres CNA Program – Thornton

·   Trinidad State Junior College – San Luis

·   Arapahoe Community College – Littleton

·   Arapahoe Douglas Career and Technical School – Englewood

·   Life Care Center of Littleton CNA Course – Aurora

·   Pickens Technical Center Nurse Aide Training Course – Adult Program – Aurora

·   Pickens Technical Center High School Program – Aurora

·   Shalom Park Nurse Aide Course – Aurora

·   Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital C.N.A. Class – Aurora

·   South Denver School of Nursing Arts Nurse Aide Training Program – Centennial

·   Workplace Language Career College Nurse Aide Course – Centennial

·   Pine Ridge Extended Care Center – Pagosa Springs

·   Southeast Colorado Hospital and Long Term Care Center – Springfield

·   Bent County Memorial Nursing Home – Las Animas

·   Yuma Life Care Center-Yuma

·   Valley Inn-Mancos

·   Arapahoe Douglas Career and Technical-Lowell Annex Englewood

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