CNA Programs in Alabama


If you are canvassing a palpable career in medical field you are opting for a career that proves to be the Salt of the Earth. It is career that can reimburse all you have given in during your training. Alabama the State of Camellia, offers Associated as well as other study courses such as Health Science course for the CNA aspirants. There are a number of colleges that run from the head and pass through the heart of the State and offer course of variable length from a span of two semesters and 25 to 94 credit hours.

The salary of a CNA is the basic or entry level salary that averages around $ 28000 yearly but you can further approach a higher certification for a rise in salary, or, can make a change in location of job. You can transfer your CNA registry from one state to another if you are a current practitioner and your licensure time has not expired. The salary slab of CNA in Alabama hikes up to $ 35000 in hospitals and $ 39000 in private practice. If you are still in the Land of the Nod and waiting for your Baccalaureate or AND degree, you can rather opt and go for a nurse aid program and confer from any of the Alabama CNA program. You can opt for a campus driven or online course, there are a number of courses present across the State. The eligible age for CNA program is 16 years and you must be holding a clean background record. High school diploma/GED is not essential for training in any CNA program in Alabama. You can give a short shrift toward the career of CNA. After completion of CNA, you may try for LPN and RN training. Alabama has a number of schools for CNA to LPN to RN training. There are as many as 63000 Registered Nurse graduates, 19000 Licensed Practical Nurses, and about 1600 CRNA/CNS in Alabama according to the Nursing Board of Alabama and many are enrolled in current CNA, LNP and AND/BSN programs in the State.

If you are considering being a part of a nursing course, these can be a decent choice for getting enrolled:

Chattahoochee Valley Community College CNA Course- Phoenix City
Faulkner State Nurse Aide certification- Bay Miette
Gadsden State Community College – CNA Class Division of Health Sciences
Carol Place C.N.A Class – Fairhope 
Lawson State Community College CNA Certification Class– Bessemer

Remember you need to renew your licensure to keep practicing. The State Nursing board issues a notice before you license expiry date to make you aware of the expiration of license. The renewal fee for license depends on whether it the license has expired or not. Lapsed License, Revoked license, Suspended license, Advanced practice approval/certification, Lapsed continuing education provider License, each one has a different renewal fee that has been listed by the Nursing Board authorities.

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